How to use social site for SEO

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social networking site can be used for attracting traffic to your website and promoting your website through social networking site is must.

If you use social media site use for fast you all social site sing up account and share your web description and with link regularly.

Through social medias you can post pictures, videos, articles, etc., to promote your website which may cause people to talk about your website and may cause increase in visits to your website and back links from other people/website.

It seems that many guys having some misunderstood.
here you are asking "How to use social site for SEO ?" and the reply is on "why we use Social Site as for SEO ?"

Ok Let me tell you.
I am taking example of FB.
You have to create a FB Page with Your Specific Title (depend on site name).
then let add some friends to join the Page and share those pages to friend of friends and all so...
You must do daily updates on it so that every one can get daily notification it. and the image you are using to share your website must have Graphics,
If for example your site is of wallpaper, then contacin high quality wallpaper in different types as 3D, Nature, Painting, etc../..
reason: The first impression will makee you target more...
You Should Add the FB button on you site.
As You get many Visitors and at that time try to search on google, with your FB Page, You will see on the First Page and your site too...
This is what you can do with FB Social Media Site...

In the same way you have to do for twitter, Google + etc...

Best of Luck. !!!

hello sir,
social networking sites can be used for the promoting your blogs, classifieds in the different relevant groups.

Would any one please tell me how to market my website?

I did get any new traffic on my website since I shared your link

astesel their is a proper way to used social media to boost your website traffic, you also need patience and good idea you can search that in google how to used social media in proper way.

you interested the seo? you can do the many youtube video and pdf file some idea

you can use it for seo by sharing your site/blog updates like a new blog post or a new/updated page in your site, your RSS feeds, any reviews you done in another site/blog, other links created for your site etc

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Most of all are just posting about benefits from using social media and not even trying to understand the question. As Deep Modi shared, the question is "How to use different social media sites for SEO?".

commented: Yep, sad isn't it... +14

people are posting off topic replies , anyway lets back on discussuion . Social media webistes could be used to analyze the interest and feedback on our services/products.Social media trend in real time and we can use it to connect directly with our target audiance.

Make website related fan page, join groups and pages and add friends,

Social networing sites can be used for getting traffic in your site. If you want to improve the page rank it won't help you too much.

social media networking is really cool for seo.
Create your own FB Page. (with your company title)
Add much related graphics post which all user like them easily.
Add All your friends. and suggest your friends to share this page.
Now the 2nd thing is that you can directly add adv. to FB abt your page. (IU mean promote your page.) This is available in the page info after you create page.
Every Day, Update Your posts.
Create your own account,
add the post of how and what and where posts....
related post to your wwebsite.
add images, videos, and all....
invite your friends...
If you follow someone then it may have possibilites that they will also follow you. (do if you have not much follower else dont follow this step)/
Every Day, Update Your posts.
Give some graphic and cool video (trailer of your website)
Update any of your video related to your company. (per week)
In same way, each and every post can be shared easily with the social media marketing. **
** Social media marketing is as you are sharing with your friends and they shared with other and the friends of friends of friends .... and Finally long time interval, it will reach every where on internet

Promoting the peoplr help alot.
I think You may get your answer.

Without reading questions, everyone is replying. You can find other way to spam.
Now a days social signals helps in SEO. We should focus more on getting likes, comment, share on Facebook . And also we should get more mention, retweet, favourited tweet, follower on Twitter. Same applies also for Google +.

First thing is to succeed on Social media is Regularity. You should stick to one time table and follow it. It will helps audience to trust and engage with you.

Share informative post. Don't always promote your products or services. Do some research online on what topics are trending, what your followers are talkingn, what they want to hear, what type of content enages more.

Best of Luck. Thanks all.

Make use of social media by posting related content about the home page and give the link to the Home page, which generates the traffic also.

There are number of ways through which you can boost up your site and improve SEO. Post your articles, videos, infographics etc.

it seems a lot of people (not all) are "answering" the question without actually understanding the topic.

SEO is NOT something you do from a Social Network. SEO does NOT mean get more traffic to your site. it does NOT mean promoting your site. it simply means: making sure that the Search Engines get your site in their search results, keep your site in their search results, and Optimize the position: meaning, getting you as one of the first results.

On sharing articles on the social network, all you provide is SEO for that page on the social network, not for your own site.

SEO is mostly done on your own page:

  1. keep the information up to date, make sure it's about "trendy" or hot topics and make sure that the keywords people are bound to google/yahoo/... for, are in your text. if it's a site over politics, and there hasn't been a new article posted on it in three months ... there's no use. the data is out of date, the readers are looking for more current information, and you have nothing to offer, also nothing that will put some additional keywords in your page.

let's say you don't upload a new page, but you add some keywords 'elections 2014 Obama' ... while the last article dates from the time when Bush got re-elected ... you 'll get some benefit of it for a short time. as soon as they find out you are using tricks like this, chances are your page 'll never appear in their results again.

  1. make sure not everything is 'crawled' and stored by the search engines. There are pages you don't want to have stored, and the SE's certainly don't want them. let's say you have a login page, do you really want all that to be stored? or the results of an internal search, that'll be considered as 'spam' (by the SE's) should not be crawlable.

  2. for this one, a social network might come in handy: creating backlinks. create a profile with which you only talk about topics concerned to your site, and keep a permanent link in your signature. also: when the opportunity calls for it, share a link to an article on your site. don't overdo this, though. If you do this to much, or if the articles you share are not nearly as interesting as you want to sell them for, people 'll start considering you a spammer and an attention wh*re, which might lead to people blocking you.

Also: if it's for a serious site, keep the profile you use a bit "professional". people tend to ignore 'professional legal aid' from someone whose profile usually only makes posts from the likes of "aaaaaaaw, look what a cute wunny-bunny" with a picture of a bunny attached. if you want them to take you serious, don't give them a reason not to. so, for all the personal stuff, and "wunny-bunny" pictures, create another account. keep that one just for promoting your site.

in order for this to help you in SEO, the page on which you put the backlink HAS to be within the search results of that search engine. if the search engine doesn't know (about) that page, it's obvious that even putting thousands of links on it won't help your page's SEO.

You can use socia media to update your potential customers, reach out to them or even search for prospective clients.

which is not related to SEO, so what is your point?

Social networks are the best traffic sources according to can share your content and links in social flatforms you will get traffic trough them and also you can get feed back.

Google has a deal with Twitter where they can see content that is behind Twitter's login wall. I'm not sure if they have a similar partnership with Facebook. However, walled content within Twitter, at least, can be used by Google's algorithm to see how many people are talking about your brand from within the social network.

You can post pictures which represents your products/services. And also you can share your articles, blogs in social media where you can get more and potential traffic.

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