I'm updating my BitDefender regularly.
Number of signatures went up to ~530000.
After last update it's 338694!!!!!!!

I think there are alot of pacifists at BD's home.

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An update to the BitDefender signature database has occured Wed, Nov 1st and results in a decrease in the number of signatures listed. The number of viruses detected by BitDefender is NOT affected.

A number of signatures which each matched a single virus variant have been replaced with generic signatures which match entire viruses families. This leads to lower memory consumption by 3 to 4 MB and a smaller size on disk (by 2-3 MB) for all BitDefender products.


You sound like one of the pacifists I've referred to.

I know I sound like that, but I'm just a user of BD and because I'm Romanian and becasue software isn't cheap in our country, as soon as I saw the signatures number deacreased I started to look around on the net.
That's how I discovered this forum and your post because you asked I thought I could call the suppport team of BD. They told me that they have some sort of information and gave me the answer I gave you. Hope this will really improve the memory foot-print on my machine.

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