Here is my problem.

My neice's computer has an error at startup of the bridge.dll file.

My problem is that the computer will load WindowsMe, and get all the way
to the desktop and then it freezes everything when this error comes up.
I want to get a log file to put in here so I can get you to tell me what to delete to fix the problem, but I have had no luck in getting past the desktop.

I re-start and sometimes, if I am quick enough, (click real fast and get to open anything) it will let me get a program up) but once the error comes up
it freezes everything. It seems like it has destroyed her internet explorer.
I have the IE6 setup on disk too, tried to put that on, but it let me get to the part where the install opens, and then it just freezes on me. So frustrating.

Is there a way to get into the registry to get the log file up so I can delete
the bridge.dll file that has been put in there?

I'm not real smart about getting into the registry. I know enough about computers to usually fix my own, and with instructions I could follow them.

I told her that if I cannot get to it, or run spyware blaster, that I could not fix the problem. She has spyware blaster, Spybot, but does not have hijackthis. I downloaded it to my computer and burned a copy of it, hoping that it will let me put it on her compuer and do a scan. I will try that first, but meanwhile, do you have any help to offer me? :?:

Any help with this is very much apprieciated. I figure we will end up having to re-format the harddrive, but wanted to ask first.

thanks Alot, Ladypainthorse (Diana)

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I'm moving this to our new Security forum, as that's where we're dealing with all of these spyware/virus/etc. problems now.

Have a read through the other posts in Security; solutions to the dreaded "bridge.dll" error and many other problems caused by malicious programs have been posted there quite often recently.