I'm in need of serious help. I'm one of those "I think I can do it myself" people when I really can't. Here's my problem: I have a trojan virus that I can't get rid of. system32\37B.tmp. It won't let me delete it because it says its being used by another program. What do I do? Also, in the process of trying to get rid of a system32\hal.dll error I somehow made it so I can't get onto my computer at all. Not even in safe mode. It says that I have to re-install it. How am I supposed to do that?
I really could use some help here and being that I'm obviously not good with computers and have no business trying to do this by myself can someone please tell me very simply how to do this stuff?
I would be most grateful!:-|

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We gotta stop the trojan for a start, cos to fix hal while it is running would invite problems. With your XP install CD proceed to Recovery Console -it's about the first option/decision point you will arrive at.... just use delete to remove that system32\37B.tmp file. To be sure when you boot from the CD it will not be running!!
Done that? then say so n we'll go from there. [if you broke hal then you def won't get any part of windows running til we fix it]

To save a posting relay because you may not be in possession of an Xp install CD, here's a boot disc with a recovery console on it; the console runs from the cd so you don't need an xp cd or any files from your C drive. I know it works. All you need is an image burner like Nero 6, CD Writer...
Tips... unzip the file to get the iso and then BURN THE IMAGE. Do not use Data CD or any other mode cos all you will get is a copy of the iso [which you have already...and your new CD will not be bootable]; if you look at the files on your new cd and see .iso mentioned anywhere, start over. If you use Nero 6 then the defaults for image burning are fine, skip the silly advice that you may find on the web. Burn it to a CD-RW if you wish; there is no need to close/finalise the CD whether it is a RW or R, cos later you may wish to add other good files. Multisession works fine. If you use a CD-R then hold the burn speed lowish, say 4x.
May i leave you to work out what to do with recovery console? delete /? will give you a bit of help.

Since you now have Recovery Console open, run chkdsk also.
Note:.. first run chkdsk /p to perform a simple check of the drive. If there are any errors reported you must then do chkdsk /r to attempt to recover them, and follow with chkdsk /p to see if it is fixed. If not, try /r again, and so on.
{{{ chkdsk with /p as parameter will not fix a thing. Promise you. Some websites say it does.... well, if /p runs and reports no errors there were no errors there in the first place to be fixed}}}

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