Okay, so off and on my computer freezes, the mouse goes to the upper left hand corner, and it cannot move so I am forced to turn it off and back on again. Sometimes the screen simply goes black and I have to do the same thing. Recently it can no longer access certain webpages i.e facebook.com, yahoo.com, tvguide.com but can access others just fine i.e. this site, google etc. This applies to all browsers I have tried including IE, firefox, opera, etc. I have a brand new IBM Thinkpad T60 that has worked fine until recently. I run Windows XP, and have attached my hijack this file so any help you guys could give would be great. thanks.

oh, and my symantec antivirus just popped up that i had a possible threat, win25.tmp.exe and a couple other ones, but i was able to delete them manually. Dunno if this helps at all

I also tried a system restore at various restore points and it goes through the process and reboots, but then I get the message "Cannot restore to such and such a date" and accomplishes nothing...

sorry to keep adding to this, lol, but after waiting for several minutes these pages may load, but they load in a simple text format, almost as if i was browsing from a cell phone. maybe some setting got changed?


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