Hello all,

I hope this is allowed (I am a new poster and I did read the rules).

I have a thread going at a different tech forum, but getting no responses from anybody. Thought I would post it here as well, if that is allowed. I mean, if it is allowed for me to post a link to a thread to a different tech forum. I'd reproduce my posts in here but the initial post is super loooooooong, so why take up space here. If it's any consolation, much of what I discuss in my thread comes from a thread I am referencing for help, a thread from here at Daniweb.

My thread and problems, as posted at TechGuy (complete with HiJackThis log, system specs, installed programs, one virus threat I found via AVG, etc, etc):


My problems are very similar to this Daniweb thread (16 colors, low res, disabled mouse):


I've done some of what was already recommended in the above Daniweb thread (and I've documented that in the TechGuy thread). No luck so far.

I've got a pc technician/network engineer friend who's going to be looking into my machine at some point when he can. But for now, I'd like anybody else to take a look at my info and hopefully someone will have some feedback.

Any feedback/advise would be most appreciated.


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