Well, yes, if you believe the Sony hype then the Vaio VGN-G1LAP at just 1.98 pounds is indeed the world’s lightest lappy. The carbon fiber body helps considerably, meaning that despite the low weight you still get the benefit of a 12.1” 1024 x 768 screen rather than the only good for those with good eyesight 10” (or less) usually associated with the super light sub-notebook genre. The Intel ultra-low voltage 1.2GHz Core Solo processor and 1.5Gb RAM is OK, as is the WiFi (covering most 802,11 bases including a, b and g) and the Bluetooth, and even the 80Gb motion-sensor protected hard drive in case you forget you are holding it and drop the thing.

Well, no, not if you want more than a six hour battery life (less in real world conditions of course) and an optical drive. Add those, and not only does the VGN-G1LAP turn into the VGN-G1KAP, but it also fills out to 2.46 pounds which is not quite such a thing to write home about, or write to the press about either for that matter. That said, it is probably the better bet of the two as the extended battery doubles the life expectancy which means you can shave the weight of the AC adaptor off of your total carry-on balance.

Not that it really matters to anyone outside of Japan, where both models go on sale from December 2nd at a price as yet to be confirmed, as there is no word on either US or UK release dates just yet. That said, specialist Japan hi-tech toy importers reckon they can get one to the US for a smidgeon over $2000 plus shipping if you are really interested…

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Mmmmmm...Coool...how does it costs :D

See the last line of the post: "specialist Japan hi-tech toy importers reckon they can get one to the US for a smidgeon over $2000 plus shipping if you are really interested…"

But remember that is but a guess as the final pricing has yet to be set in Yen, as I understand it.