"It’s Harvard or Yale, Harpic or Domestos, AA or RAC, PC or Mac. Binary tribalism: Gilbert and Sullivan wrote a song about it" writes Stephen Fry as he explains that when it comes to the world of serious digital photography that choice is pretty much narrowed down to Canon or Nikon.

Stephen Fry, was half of a British comedy double act known as Fry and Laurie. He is the half, if you are American, that you have probably never heard of. His partner was Dr House, or Hugh Lawrie if you prefer. Yet Fry is arguably the more famous of the two outside of American-TV-Drama-Land. An eccentric English humourist, intellectual, writer and novelist, actor and undoubted wit, Fry is probably best known for his roles in Blackadder on the telly, as Oscar Wilde on the big screen and for talking with refreshing honesty about being bipoler to anyone who will listen.

Stephen Fry is also a real tech-guy, writing about gadgets and technology with an equally refreshingly honest passion.

And so we come back to the piece in point, Canon or Nikon? That is the question and, for Fry at least, it would appear that the answer is Canon.

"I have been spending the past week in the company of Canon’s new 1000D (aka the Rebel XS or Kiss F), which I will come straight out and say I adore" he reveals. Mind you, Fry also reveals he has "Mr Magoo’s eye for a shot."

It's a great camera review, and well worth a look if you appreciate wit and wisdom in your tech writing.