I'm using LINUX (redhat Linux advance server 3) & W2K.
The installation is completed successfully, but many applications in Linux do not work.
i.e: the xmms could not play MP3, many of applications could not found in the program list (i'm sure i checked all when i installed Linux).
It prompted errors of licenses conflict!
Do I need any patch? And how?
I want to have my windows' partitions auto-mounted when i login Linux, what should i do?
Is there any application to run Windows aappn Linux and vice versa?
I'm new to Linux, hoping your replies are clear enough for a newbie!

try downloading xmms or a better media player.
in your second question do you want to dual boot windows and linux in that case download osl2000 bootmanager or acronis os selector.

Due to patent/license issues, RH does not include mp3 support for its shipped version of xmms. You can add mp3 support by finding and downloading the xmms-mp3 plugin package appropriate for your version of RH. I don't have a link to the package right now, but you should be able to find it with a Google search.

In terms of this:

"It prompted errors of licenses conflict!!"

What were the exact errors?