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Every time I had a customer and if the problem is in the memory. I used to clean it with eraser, and viola, the computer will had a display again.

Someone told me that cleaning a memory using eraser is not advisable. It's because it will fry the RAM chips.

1. Is rubbing an eraser to the memory contacts can fry the chips of RAM?
2. Is rubbing an eraser across the connectors will produce a LOT of static electricity?

Do you think that his statements are true?

Honestly I'm a bit doubt with his statement when he told that to me. I've already searched it in Google and found nothing that his statements are true.

Thanks and God bless. :)

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i use white eraser and have never had a problem

Any physical strain on a circuit board or it's contacts can damage it. If you're careful it should be fine, just don't do it excessively or when it's not needed.

I always use eraser to clean my memory when my PC don't boot mostly the problem came there.

Ever since it helps me a lot & there were no problems at all.

Or maybe he just want you to buy a new one!

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