I followed a community document trying to mount my iPod, which I can do if I install sshfs and fuse, which I'll do when I get home, as I am at school right now and do not have my notebook, which has:
Ubuntu Linux 7.10, 1.6GHz CPU, 1.49 (1.5)GB RAM

I know that I can use Amarok to sync my music wirelessly, which is an amazing addition.
However, I go on the road a lot. And what happens if there isn't a wifi network available to me? Is there a way to set up a small LAN connection between my iPod touch and my notebook to sync my music wirelessly? Or is there another way to sync with either Amarok or gtkpod, not wirelessly, with the iPod USB cable plugged into the computer, which I use anyways when syncing so my wifi doesn't go into low power mode, and also because the amount of data that would like to move daily would be exponential and would drain my battery significantly, due to how many times a day I sync.

Also, videos and photos. How can I sync new ones? I copied every folder from my "C:\Users\Alex\Photos\" folder, including iPod_Cache (or whatever it's called) and every ini file, so that under Ubuntu it would have the exact same Photos folder. And my /Videos folder has the /Movies folder from my old Windows machine (the same machine, I just backed up all of my music, videos, photos, etc onto DVDs before I put Ubuntu on it). I really need to have a way to put photos onto it. Videos aren't a huge problem, I'm content with the 10 videos that I have on there, I don't watch that many anyways. But photos are a huge problem as of now. I'm using this iPod as not only a portable music player, but a PDA (jailbroken obviously) as well as a portable photo portfolio. And I've put 100+ new photos (from the 79 that I had before) into my /Photos folder on Linux. And I'd really like a way to add these to the iPod. (Even if it means editing the Photos database into of the iPod to do this. I'll go to any extent to get these on the iPod). Thank you for your suggestions on this matter. Believe me, if anyone has photo and video solutions, thank you so much in advance, really.

Thanks in advance.

-- Alex

>Is there a way to set up a small LAN connection between my iPod touch and my notebook to
>sync my music wirelessly?
It's fairly straightforward to create an ad-hoc wireless network between your laptop and an iPod Touch. Basically, on the laptop side of things, you would do something like the following at the prompt (where ath0 is your wireless adapter):

sudo su                                         # get root access
<enter password>
ifconfig ath0 up                                # turn on the wireless adapter
ifconfig ath0 netmask # set your IP address
iwconfig ath0 mode ad-hoc                       # set wireless adapter to ad-hoc
iwconfig essid my-ad-hoc                        # change to an unused ssid

You should then see the wireless network from your iPod, although note that you may have to manually configure the IP address to be static (I'm not really sure on the iPod side of things).

>Also, videos and photos. How can I sync new ones?
GTKPod supports photos, although I don't know if this support also applies to the iPod Touch. Video support is also supposed to be present, but in a more preliminary form. Have you tried either of these with GTKPod yet?

Not yet, but I also haven't been able to get Amarok or GTKPod installed, seeing as I can't get into Add/Remove or sudo anything, etc.

Check that other thread that I posted. (A Few Small Issues).