I have an old Aptiva that crashed a few years ago with important files on it I need to retrieve. I think it had Windows 98 on it.

I receive a black screen at Boot-up with blinking cursor in top left.

I got a boot-up CD from another site that is Windows XP....it loads and looks like the computer is going to start, but then says "cannot start up because it can't find signed EULA Agreement"

HELP !!! what can I do??

......The black screen just came up to the Microsoft Windows 98 blue screen, after about 15 minutes but thats as far as it goes.......

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It has finally gone back to black screen that say's The following files are missing or corrupted:


How can I obtain those? Or will that help?


Can you take the hard drive out of that PC, put in another PC and retrieve the data that way?
It sounds like you have downloaded a corrupt file from the other site. Without the XP operating system already loaded to this PC no boot prog will allow you to remove your files except in DOS.
If you can not put it in another PC, take it to a small PC repair place and they will take the files off for you and put them on CD/DVD for a small cost.

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