I have a Win 2k AD domain controller, how do I access the network from a Redhat 8 box. I am new to Linux so take it slowly. I read a couple of articles about Samba. Is Samba something separate I have to install on top of Redhat, or is it imbedded some where in the Redhat OS. Can somebody walk me through the process step-by-step.


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An excellent question! Samba will allow you to mount the Microsoft network onto the Redhat Linux box.

I do not have time today to do this and write it all out for you. I will add it to the list; perhaps Thursday.


SaMBa is the open-source implementation of the SMB/CIFS file and print sharing protocol. It is a separate program, not part of the OS itself; you'll have to install it yourself, but depending on the way you installed RH the Samba packages might already be installed as well. You can check to see if the Samba RPM has been installed with the following command:

rpm -q samba

* Note that for in order get the tightest integration with a Win 2K AD domain, you'll want to use the latest (stable) release, which is v3.0.4. The version available on your RH8 disks will be older.

A thorough step-by-step walkthrough of Samba might be a bit lengthy to post here- there are many different options which you configue in Samba. You might want to read through a few online resources, see how far you can get using those, and then post here with specific questions:


Samba and Vista.. I don't know why somebody in the linux community has not
written a routine that will link vista/linux
more easily.. I know samba is the link...
But I am thinking more of an application
that brings up windows that u can communicate with both OS's.... If you
don't have a quote 'windows' environment
then you are stuck using the old syntax
to get anything done... This is the old
standard that the old timers on unix used...
Only a few techie guys that knew unix
knew all the commands.. and the syntax...
It is time to get rid of the syntax and just
use the select and run environment....
Maybe this is just a wish for the 22nd
century.... But please...come up with
a better procedure... Vista does not want
to communicate with Linux... That is the
bottom line... Bill Gates could have done
this 20 years ago... so with that said...
Get a windows/samba application going
please..... I won't be around to see it,
but the younger people will... Let the
government write it for God's sake...
Have a good day....

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