i'm new to apache. was just wondering whether it is possible to run asp or asp.net on apache. if so, is there any sites i can gather further information.

if not, does this mean only IIS can process asp and asp.net?

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Even though ASP.NET was written specifically for the Windows Platform there has been a really active movement in the Linux community to bring C# and the .NET framework over to their OS as well. This project is called Mono. From what I've read it is indeed possible to run ASP.NET with a C# code base on an Apache Linux based system.

Please realize that this is latest technology and literally hasn't been out yet for more than a couple months. You'll be exploring a new type of system setup. I has and can be done. In fact, I've just installed Fedora Core 2 in hopes of trying out the mono project and possibly ASP.NET in a linux environment as well.

Hope this answers your question. If not, I'll see what I can do, as will others on this board.

Just be aware, that while it does support most of ASP.NET, some parts are lacking, and some parts are missing. My CMS, #Portal, does not run on mono, because of its lacking Mobile device support (the System.Web.Mobile namespace).

But, I'm happy to say I have Mono working great on Mac OS X (BSD Core), with XSP serving ASP.NET Web Pages. I'm sure I could configure mod_mono for Apache, but XSP was just easier ;-).

1) while there are limitations as you said, is there any complications?
2) how about running it on apache windows based?

thanks in advance. just wanted to clarify before i start developing on this platforms. I need to use mySQL and ASP/ASP.Net. I know apache should have no problems with mySQL but not sure it'll be compatible with ASP/ASP.NET.

3) Any suggestions? Or I should just stick to IIS for a beginner.

can i run asp.net pages on linux servers?. and if it is possible then how to create virtual directory on linus server. i am desperate for the solution. please reply fast

Ive not used apache, but the ASP.NET support in Aprelium's Abyss Web Server was good. I think it only runs on Windows, though.

Mono's version of IIS for Linux is called XSP or something i think....

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