Its mr. question/linux noob, I am now wondering about windows managers: were to find them and how to install. Since every question ive asked in these forums have been answered quickly there no reason to stop.

Thanks in advance.

If its (whatever)-buntu or another debian-based linux distribution, you can install the desktops using apt-get


apt-get update
apt-get install kde

alternatively, on *buntu you can get the whole desktops and associated apps. E.g to add a full KDE desktop to ubuntu, try

apt-get update
apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

i am using kubuntu with kde but from what ive heard there could be better windows managers and you can have more then one installed which you can choose from on boot up. is the true?


you can choose from on boot up

no thats for different operating systems. e.g i can have vista, redhat and ubuntu

What you can do however is, say you want the GNOME desktop, just insall ubuntu-desktop, and then at the login manager, click session and choose GNOM/KDE/whatever as your desktop

Got ya! i thought it was boot must have misunderstood. so if say i wanted to use gnome i just use the apt-get method?

yeah to get KNOME on kubuntu just try

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome

Or, go into Synaptics (System>Administration>Synaptics Package Manager) and install whatever you want.

KDE, GNOME, Fluxbox (don't even try), Blackbox (again), Openbox (again), IceWM (windows lookalike), etc.

fluxbox is nice if you want a mac-type interface suitable for slower pcs

Yeah, Fluxbox is so fine, but many settings is only in configuration file.

Fluxbox is very configurable, that is good.

Yeah, Fluxbox is so fine, but many settings is only in configuration file.

dreamlinux comes with a nice interface for it, dont know if its available seperately or not

I'm using fluxbox right now and I'm glad for that. It's very easy to use and configuration is not very difficult. On google are many manuals how to configure fluxbox.

Thanks all, this forum has helped me a lot. Plus it got me on my way with apt-get and i am now becoming more comfortable with command line.


heres a tip btw, if the gui ever crashes really really badly - hit control-alt-backspace. You will lose any unsaved work but avaoid a reboot.

thanks, but that was learned a while ago and has come in handy i might add. A friend of mine, who lives in another province, has been using linux for ten years, much to my suprise, and he has been giving me lessons.