what is the best free boot manager for selecting multiple Oses. I had installed linux and then lost it because i had to install windows over it again. But now i have no boot manager so what would you say is the best free one i tried osl2000 or something like that but it didn't work.

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I'd go with Gag.

You can't beat it at all for multiple OS's ...it can boot up to 9. It also allows for password protection before boot...which is nice if you don't want someone booting into a certain OS. Give it a go...you won't be disappointed.


FYI: Gag are the initials in spanish for Graphical Boot Manager.


hey that gag software is that compatible with windows xp i looked on the web site but couldn't find anytthing about what OSes it is compatible with.


Am using GRUB more these days.

Agreed- I find GRUB to have some advantages over LILO: IMHO it's more flexible than LILO, you don't need to re-execute GRUB after making changes to the config file, configuration itself is more "user friendly", and it even comes with its own command shell. :)


ok for those that don't know Grub is linux's boot manager so if you want a free boot manager there it is just install windows first then install linux in another partition linux will make a small swap partition for its self But Always Install ("MC donalds")Windows (my humor hehehe kills me) first because the good people that wrote linux recognise microsoft wasn't gonna do it so the came across thankyou whom ever thought to do that.


GRUB offers more features, but I find LILO is much easier to write a config script for, because the syntax is much better. This won't matter much if an install script does it automatically, though.

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