I am having trouble with my RH9 Desktop. Some of the words under icons go off the monitor, so I am assuming that the computer thinks my monitor is larger than it actually is. I tried toying with the display setup, but nothing happened. I still have the problem. Does anyone know anyway to fix this problem? I am new to Linux, and I am trying to set everything up.

Brent Ritterbeck

If im not mistaken redhat 10 previously released. http://www.redhat.com/solutions/
but thats were you went wrong choosing RH, you should have picked mandrake if you wanted a distro much like redhat, but it was your choice, Also if you want a good OS. Stick with debian, or a live distro like Gnoppix, or Knoppix. I also like GoblinX with three different GUI's that you can choose from KDE, Xwindows, and one more that i fail to remember at the moment. Slack ware is still a good choice of if you want a hardcore distro get gentoo.

Redhat is no longer free, older verisons sure, If you need something simple to work with try Linspire or Mandrake. Both are good :)

Sphyenx, there is no "wrong" choice for linux, Redhat is / was the main stream linux and part of the reason linux got so big.

Debian and FreeBSD are abit over complilcated, along with Slackware and a few others.

For a newer linux user you should try using Mandrake or Linspire :)

Does anyone have any ideas that don't involve changing from RedHat?

Yes i know there is not choice, and yes RH did do a great job getting Nix known. Thats over now, every one knows. Or had heard of Nix, im sure of. Weither they like it or not is there opinions. Mandrake I think is much better then redhat. Also goblinX is easy, and knoppix is good. (fre) also Gnoppix is just like red hat. $$But FREE$$

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