I just built my first computer, with some help from everyone on the hardware forums. Now, I'm trying to install some derivation of Linux. I tried installing Debian with the net-install, but everyone I try to it tells me my CD is corrupted.

After trying 3 different Debian cd's, i decided to try and install Ubuntu. It goes a little smoother than the Debian install, until it goes to "running Boot Scripts", where it finishes that and stops. Anybody know what the problem might be? I've installed Ubuntu on a computer that already had windows on it, installing a second hard for Linux, but never on a self-build PC.

I had similar problems on an old computer. Turns out, I had a bad cd-rom drive or a bad IDE2 connector on the motherboard or a bad BIOS. I never really isolated the problem. I got a minimal debian net install to succeed and then the onboard NIC toasted itself somehow and I scrapped it.

If you are having consistent cd-related issues, you may consider looking at your hardware or the source of your install cds.

Check that you have Bootsector/MBR Antovirus protection OFF in the BIOS. It prevents the bootloader being written to the MBR.


I am newbie in this forum. Ubuntu is most powerful version of the Linux. It is developed by the most popular company HCL.
I would like to know more about it.


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