I'm using fedora core 1 and most of the files that I need to work with are in
windows xp. How do I access this fiels from fedora core? Windows is using ntfs file system. :?:

You can READ the files, but I'm pretty darn sure you can't delete or over-write, or anything like that to the files. But You make sure the hard drive is in the computer, (as a slave or something) and boot to fedora. Then you mount the NTFS partion (With mount) and give it the file system time. Even if it's the same hard drive, the concept is the same... you mount the partition that has the NTFS file system on it... but you can only read (copy from, etc) the NTFS file system. If it were FAT or FAT32... You could Modify It, but NTFS is read only.

Actually, there is an experimental NTFS module that allows writes that's been out for awhile. You have to do a recompile of the kernel, but it's been there since 2.4.something...

...or you could burn the files to a CD or copy them to a USB pendrive ...

I use KDiskFree to show and mount the partitions in my computer but the ntfs file system partitions do not appear there. How can I make them accessible for mounting.
Anybody know the instructions?

I'm pretty certain that you'll to mount those manually at a prompt....
I'm not familiar with YOUR particular system, so, it could be any number of device names. Commonly, Partitions are categorized as hda1, hda2, etc. Also, hdb1, hdb2, etc. The particularities depend on your system and version. Also, the mount command recieves options in order to determine what type of partition to load. I believe it's -t

so it might be something like: mount -t ntfs /dev/hda2 /mnt/hd

The /mnt/hd is the directory in which to mount the partition. Not sure if this is helpful, but there you have it. Don't forget, you can do a: man mount

I use MEPIS Linux...which automounts every single drive to my desktop :P