hi guys! i just want to ask if how can i get my webserver running...currently im using a linux redhat 9 and i already installed apache webserver on that machine...but the machine hasn't been connected to the internet. do i need static ip address for this machine? if it does, how do i configure the network for this linux pc of mine? i really need some help on this coz im really dumb when it comes to linux :) thanks!

first check if it's already running
connect to from that computer
if it's not running read the manual, if it is and the isuse is getting on the internet
you don't need a static ip unless your router/cable modem/dsl modem won't assign you an ip automatically
read the manual to learn how to configure redhat
you paid for it for a reason (and if you didn't pay for it search google)

You dont need a static ip address, you can always use a dynamic dns service.

Apache isn't running by default on RedHat 9, you can start it up by typing 'service httpd start' from a terminal. Or goto the redhat -> system settings -> server settings -> services. Enable httpd on the runlevel you use. (runlevel 3 if you have a text login, runlevel 5 if you have a graphical login)

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