Can someone please help me? I'm in desperate need of a php/MySQL based statistics tracker for Apache. It should be easy to configure and install. At the same time, provide a wide variety of information. I'm currently using Wusage but it just isn't robust enough for me. I heard good things about Webalizer? I would love to use the remotely-hosted Hitbox but it's just a bit out of my price range right now. I'm willing to pay for a solid script as long as development isn't stopped and it's only a one-time fee.


while mI don't have any personal knowledge of most of these you might check through these and pickout some of the better ones and see if anybody has any knowledge of them. We still use Wusage on our server :s

anyway just a suggestion :)

I use AWStats myself. Considering my webserver is a variant of the standard Apache/mySQL/PHP setup, I thought to get something that would take advantage of those, but I ended up with just a CGI-based program.

You can check out the stats for one of the sites that I host here:

That's the BCDC++ does quite a bit of traffic, so it's a good example.

Also, you can get AWStats from here:

Just make sure you read through the conf files very carefully.


Webalizer + Awstats is the way to go.
Use both.

Webalizer + Awstats is the way to go.
Use both.

Excellent combo, I use both of them myself.

Well, I installed AWStats. It's nice ... still not as full featured at HitBox Pro is though. I'd like to be able to see a listing of 2nd-level domains that are referrers ;) Something else I like that Hitbox does is it automatically grabs the title of each page for statistics. I understand a log analyzer can't do that though. Oh well ;)

I use Webalizer. You can see a vew of it here. . It gives me the amount of information I am looking for.

The best part I like is I can see when someone enters my secure area for my clients. Justs lets me know they are viewing something. :)

Well so far I use Wusage and AWStats. They're both so-so but oh do I dream of using Hitbox again. I have used their free version (since discontinued) from 1997 to about 2000. I really miss their service. :( I would love to use their Professional version which is $30-something per month but unfortunately it's capped at 50,000 visitors/month - so that doesn't exactly work. And unfortunately their Enterprise version is just way too steep for me right now :(

Incidently, I forgot my manners ... Thank you for the link - I'm already there checking it out :)