hello friends i m new in linux i don't now how to use linux n instole it.then aslo i have instole it's so i can't make partition proprely.so i want to instole it again i have one partition of 8 gb in which i have instole linus plz tell me how i can install it proprly n how i should make partition of that 8 g.b space .as i m new so i can't take risk of deliting remaning 72 gb which is in fat32 file system.
there is some another problem which i m fasing in linux that i can't instole my mother bord cd n sound card cd. so i cant listin sound.
another problem is that i want to use data whish is in remaning partition which is used by windos as fat32 n ntfs file system.so as i know that linux suport fat32 n ntfs file system so how i can use that data in linux.
i have downloaded some vidio clips from net to chack that they will run aur not but that file need some soft ware.
plz helpme in solving this problems
i m looking for u r grat spourt.
thanks to all.

it depends which linux you are installing
tell me which version you are going to use (redhat? suse? ubuntu? mandriva?)

and by the way linux can read/write fat32 but can only read NTFS (if you try to write to ntfs from linux dont blame me if you break your windows instilation - i have warned you)

please try to type more legibly in future

thanks friend for replying me n giving me warning.i will take care of that i m using red het enterprise linux version 3.can u tell me what i should do.

redhat has a nice graphical installer called anaconda. you dont need to learn any commands or anything , its all point and click

to play .wma or .wmv files you needsomething called the win32 codecs. I believe redhat ships with helix player as standard which is realplayer compatibile.

with regards to the partitioning, you say you have 8gb for linux right?

if this is free space (unallocated) then just choose "install linux to free space" otherwise choose custom partitioning.

also why are you using redhat enterprise? that costs money...
youd be better off using fedora or CentOS which are free

thanks for the information really it will help me lot.can you do one more fevour for me can u tell me at which site i can get that free version.

centos 4.4 is an exact copy of redhat enterprise 4.4 and is free. but thats a big download (like 3.5 gig)

or you could try a type of linux called ubuntu. thats even easier for first time users as you can run it staright from the cd to test it out before installing. That is only a 650mb download

thanks you.really you help me lot i m oblised for this

The new version of MEPIS can read AND write to ntfs or fat 32. It's a new thing that they just incorporated into MEPIS. Good deal for those that have windows. Now recovery on a windows install is a lot easier. Just use the MEPIS live cd and you can read and write to ntfs.

You can get a torrent copy of SimplyMEPIS 6.5.Rc1 at linuxtracker.
It is a beta but like all MEPIS betas it is solid. It will be upgraded to the final using the apt-notify icon that lives on the main MEPIS panel. Every day or so there are new upgrades available that will build your beta or Rc into the final. I am posting from an install of SimplyMEPIS 6.5 Rc1 that has been built up from the first beta 1 a step at a time until yesterday it was a beta 7 and today it is Rc1. :p