Dear all Network and System Administrators
I have a Asus Motherboard with Marvell Yukon NIC adapter. I installed the driver for NIC adapter by downloading it from Marvell website. Now my internet is working since I can ping and others.

The way I installed FreeBSD is from DVD and I did not install any distribution's packages (Such as gnome2, pico, ...).

Now I am trying to use FTP to download packages that I want from

ftp -a
and I get connection timed out.


My outgoing traffic for FTP on my router is open.

Can someone please help me why I cannot connect to the FTP site?

Thanks In Advance

I thought maybe these information can help you guys:
As I did netstat -anafinet I got
tcp4 0 0 129.x.x.x.* SYN_SENT
and more and all in the same state

I dont know why I did not receive any respond and why I'm in SYN_SENT state.

Thanks Again