I've been trying out RH9 for about 1 week and my wireless usb adapter just won't work. Partly be cause I don't know how to get t to work. There is a drivers/linux/ folder with a read me file saying "make.config". If anyone can help me with this please post or e-mail me.



Can you give us the exact model of the device please?

Also- what are the exact names of the other files in the Linux folder? That will tell us which module/driver they shipped with the device and help us guide you through the instalation.

Get back to us with that info and we'll take it from there...

If it's anything like the Blitzz PCI adapter that I've got, it might be running a chipset similar to the ADM8211 wireless set mine has. If that's the case, good luck.

You might be able to do a Google search and learn to use the native Windows drivers through ndiswrapper. The only success I had with that card was in FreeBSD, using ndisulator, and that was with the Windows drivers being adapted through that tool to work in FreeBSD.