hello everyone,

I recently purchased a linksys WRT54GC router, basically both wireless and LAn in it. The router is connected to my desktop comp and the internet works fine there. However, no matter what I do, i can't get our wireless Dell laptop to detect the network. I have tried changing channels and SSID's several times but to no avail. any advice for me?

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Is the pc set to connect to unsecure networks?

Is the AP broadcasting the SSID?

Is the pc set to connect to unsecure networks?

Is the AP broadcasting the SSID?

Yes, the pc IS set to connect to unsecure networks and the SSID is being broadcast

by chance have you successfully used the wireless at a coffee shop or someplace? I would just like to rule out that whole bunch of stuff at once.

Is WEP set at either end? If so do the key numbers match on both sides?

Did you follow your router's guide to setting up your router? The guide will walk you through the steps of setting things up simply at first to ensure the connections work, and then they walk you through the steps of setting up security.

Furthermore, are your router and wireless card in the laptop compatible? If your router and wireless card are both 802.11b or 802.11g (in any combination), then they are compatible. If one of them is is 802.11a and the other is not, then they are incompatible.

ayyup, laptop's successfully connected to other wireless networks in another city. I'm pretty sure both the router and laptop are compatible with G and B system. As well, I followed the installation guide exactly but to no avail. thanks for taking the time to look at this guys

also, the WEP's match, and I've also tried it WITHOUT any encryption at all. On the laptop, on that list of available wireless networks, my home network just doesn't show up; even though my laptop's like 3 inches away from the router.

What kind (make and model) is your laptop?

Given all that info I have to ask, can anyones wireless laptop see your AP or is it only accessable thru the wired network for anyone?

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