I have the following in /etc/inittab:
# Run webcam uploading utility - added by slp on 12/18/2003

runcam is:
[root@home cam]# ls -l runcam
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root salvatore 55 Dec 31 09:46 runcam

runcam contains:
[root@home cam]# cat runcam
webcam /home/salvatore/cam/.webcamrc >/dev/null 2>&1 &

[root@home cam]# uname -r

When the system is restarted, runcam doesnt appear in the process list. It also wont run if I type ./runcam. If I, as root, type the contents of runcam at the console, it runs just fine, and will run until killed or the system is restarted again. What is wrong with how I have this set up that it runs when I type the command out, but wont run from the script?


lsof | grep 'runcam'
it might be running already
kill -9 comes in handy in that case

Thats how I know its not running; thanks for the reply though.

Postscript: Im still trying to figure this one out, so if anyone has suggestions, Im all ears.

instead of respawn can you try ondemand

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