Hello Friends,

Iam a new guy to linux and i installed suse 11.1 linux in my system and with that Macromedia dreamweaver 8.0 also i installed but the dreamweaver icon is not came on the desktop and i am unabling to start the dreamweaver.

The Dreamweaver is installed in my system when i seen from registry it is showing in C:\windows\programfiles\macromedia\dreamweaver.exe
but i dont where will be the windows folder in suse11.1

please help me in getting the icon on the desktop.
r please provide the appropriate tutorial about suse11.1

Thanks in advance

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you can't install macromedia/adobe products in linux. that path is part of your windows partition, linux doesn't use .exe normally. to get macromedia to run, you could try wine (but i doubt this will be easy), run a vm, or just simply boot into windows. personally i boot into windows when i need flash, dreamweaver etc...


I assume you have wine installed
try the directory ~/.wine

with wine it is possible to run windows executables

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