I want to install gettext on my fedora core 10.
Gettext package installed successfully but in /usr/share/locale/ there is no .mo and .po files in its language directory.
Plz tell me how to install that locales
plz reply me on <SNIP>
Sorry 4 my band english


Did you check some of LC_MESSAGES directories?
For example,

$ ls /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/
Linux-PAM.mo        findutils.mo         libc.mo             redhat-menus.mo
acl.mo              gawk.mo              libgpg-error.mo     rhpl.mo
aspell.mo           gcc.mo               libidn.mo           rpm.mo

Thnx for reply but i need messages.mo and messages.po. And these files are nothe there (/usr/share/locale/de/LC_Messages/)

I don't think you'll have ".po" file if you just installed the gettext.
And, if you need ".mo" file, you need to compile ".po" file by msgfmt.

So.... you need to find/install ".po" (in your case, you need "messages.po" right?)
and it may has some of program/source.

Thank You For reply .
can u give me urs gmail id where we chat my prob or any other IRC id where we discuss my problem.