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All of a sudden I woke up yesterday and found that my laptop would not start and there was no lights either,so called Dell care center and was told that mother board has konked off and needs a replacement with prohibitive cost.The charger lights show green led while the charging is on however after pressing the Fn button and simultaneously pressing the power button nothing results.Could someone help me with the issue,and what are the risks to give it to some unknown engineer to repair,what could exactly be told to the repairer to look into for the problem,as it is without seeing the laptop the majority of engineers I phoned in Mumbai India told me that they will keep the laptop for two three days to get it back in working condition,my question is does it take that long to find the problem and replace the part.Please help and thanks in advance,

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check the battery first if it was the mainboard you would have some power at least if you get the mainboard swopped ask for proof that it was in fact the mainboard from your engineer


Remove the RAM, hard drive, and wireless card from the system. All screws to remove those items should be on the bottom of the unit. Or, check support.dell.com for a service manual.

If you remove those items and it still won't boot up, chances are it's either the motherboard or the CPU. Most likely, it is indeed the motherboard. You could either try replacing it yourself, or send it off to their depot, where you'd at least get a 90 day warranty...

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