Hello All,

I have a problem, for which I need some guidance..... Here is the scenario.

Internet --> Router --> [my required s/w ?!?!] --> 3 web servers.

the router which I have has limited capabilities. It can jus forward incoming requests only IP based, and not even to to any specific ports...So thats a bottleneck.

To overcome this, I plan to use a very very minimal linux VM, that will take in requests from this router and forward to 3 or more web servers behind.

my required s/w, functionality must be like this..
if the incoming request is for...
a.mysite.com goto ServerA at port x1
b.mysite.com goto ServerA at port x2
c.mysite.com goto ServerB at port x3
.... so on...

I hope u get an idea.

Now, I am not an advanced user of Linux, and a networking expert either. So please be kind...

I can do this with Apache vhosts thing, but I prefer to run separate apache servers, to avoid single point of failure.

I was looking at these router and firewall linux distro's.... (very fascinating), to get my job done, but I don't think they have exactly what I look for....I tried (monowall, smoothwall, untangle, zeroshell..etc) or maybe, I didn't look at the right place.

Or I was wondering if squid proxy wud do this job for me. If yes, I have no clue on how to write the directives...an example wud be gr8....

If u have any better ideas, I am all ears....

Thank You


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Thank You...Thank You...Thank You...Thank You...

That was ridiculously goooood......exactly what I was looking for...

Absolutely PERFECT!!!!

Thank u Again!!!!

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