I noticed when I first got my new Toshiba Satellite that there was some strange behavior with it's keyboard. When typing in a text document, the cursor would just jump to a random position in the text document, and no it wasn't be accidentally touching the touch pad. Then one day I went to login to my Windows vista account and noticed that when I typed the numbers for my password it would insert two characters instead of one. I don't know what other characters it would insert of course because they are hidden. This problem is also affecting my Linux Ununtu. When I go to login, I have to use the num-lock pad on the right or else I can't type in the correct characters. And what's worse, even when I press the letter "e" in Ubuntu, it doesn't type "e", but instead tries to take a screen shot. But a capital "E" works just fine. Does anyone know what's going on? I really don't want to wait two months for my computer to be sent off fixed and then returned by Toshiba. Thanks for any and all responses.

It looks like the keyboard has a malfunction. If you are sure that no liquid was spilled on the keyboard I recommend to send it to Toshiba for repair. Try to update the bios with the newest version.
It could be a wrong bios or wrong(bad) keyboard(device).

Questions that should be checked:
Is it always doing it with any OS and in bios? (HW or OS)
Is it doing also with an ordinary keyboard plugged in? (bios interpretation of keys)
Are there any other keys affected?
Is it getting worser? (if yes, then liquid is involved)

Before sending try, to make some evidence like photos of the keyboard, so that Toshiba couldn't say that it was damaged or spilled with liquid. Basically they would change the keyboard for a new one.
But telling them how it acts can help then identify if it is only the keyboard. This way they would have to check too, if it is doing with a new keyboard prior sending it back as repaired.