How do I change keyboard settings, if I want ( @ ) I end up with ( " ) and vica versa. I have been told the keyboard is set to U.S settings and instead of U.K but can't find out how to change it...

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For this you would have to go to Control Panel, Switch to classic view if you havent already done so, Regional and Language Options, Languages tab, Details... You can setup everything there.

BTW, you should post your technical questions in the proper forum.

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How do i change keyboard settings when i want @ ihave to shift 2 can i change this

Pressing shift + 2 is the standard keyboard setup and is used by most people. If you want to change any of your keys you can use a free program @
I have never used it and do not know if it will work for you but you are free to try at your own risk.
Create a restore point and backup your registry before you try it.

I was typing in a Word document, when all of the sudden, my direction arrows began moving in the opposite direction of the intended/indicated direction. HELP!

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