I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on my current HP computer, and i am using the keyboard that came with it. On it there are a series of shortcut keys that can be programmed to open s web browser, email client, search window etc. and they had been working on and off for a while when i first got it and now for about a month or even longer they have completely stopped working. I have tried to update the driver and it says that it is up to date. i have tried unplugging it and rebooting and that has not worked either. Has anyone else had this happen or have friends that have had issues? Thanks.

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Have you checked HP's website for fixes or a BIOS update that might resolve the issue?

No i have not. I will check that out.

I downloaded the driver listed for my exact model's media keyboard off HP's site and the buttons are working again. thanks for the advice. i thought just using the device manager update driver would be enough because it says it scans the internet for drivers.

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