Hi. I recently noticed ever since i got internet that when i startup the computer, the mouse and keyboard do not function. The computer starts up and goes to the desktop. to only way to restart it is to press the reset button, then when it starts up the mouse and keyboard work. HELP!?!?!?

Do they always detect in bios ?

do they work properly in safe mode?
If so go to device manager (right click my computer, and click properties, click Hardware, then device manager) and remove them, then reboot your computer they should redetect.

Windows version?
Internet provider?
What other software did you install when the connection was configured?
What sort of keyboard/mouse? Plug-in? USB? Wireless?
Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the mouse and keyboard as suggested?
Has the mouse and/or keyboard had software loaded to make extra buttons etc work? Have you tried uninstalling that software and running with generic Windows drivers?
Are you waiting long enough after booting to Windows to allow the system to become responsive?

Windows XP PRO w. SP2
Adelphia Cable Internet (also... i am connected to an unprotected wireless router and it didn't come with any software to protect my network... any suggestions?)
I installed a SpeedStream (model ss1020) ethernet adaptor
Yes, i uninstalled the mouse and keyboard and it didn't fix the problem
Generic plug in keyboard and mouse
yes, i waited long enough. the computer actually brought up a dialog box saying if i wanted to restart because it had just installed a standard 86 key input device... this is when nothing was working (keyboard & mouse)

when the keyboard doesn't work, the bios wont recognize it. after windows starts up, it says ad new hardware PCAT_86Key something...
I don't know if that helps...

Have you tried using a different keyboard?

Sounds like either the keyboard is stuffed or the keyboard socket is stuffed. Has the keyboard ever been unplugged whilst the computer was running or whilst the computer was shut down but still had power running to the motherboard? It's unusual for it to happen, but it's quite possible for the PS/2 socket to 'blow' when the plug is disconnected whilst the motherboard os still powered.

Yes, I have pulled the plug out whilst the motherboard was on... I figured out some new information... when it restarts, i need to restart it twice for it to recognize the mouse and keyboard, but when i do a cold boot (shut the computer down completely then turn the power on) the computer recognizes it on the first try ad has no problem booting... any other suggestions? :sad:

Viruses - wireless unprotected can disable keybords etc... in windows. Does in work in the BIOS?

my keyboard and mouse plug don't work what could be wrong?

My computer recently started doing the same thing. My mouse and keyboard are recognized in the bios and work at startup but in windows they do not at all.

I have Windows Vista 5384 beta 2 installed. What's the solution to this?


I am having the EXACT SAME problem as the first poster on here.

This problem happened suddenly and I'm not sure of the reason. The mouse and keyboard don't function on when windows boots, but if I hit the hardware reset button to restart, they will function when windows boots up the second time.

I am using Windows XP PRO Home Edition with SP2. This problem started when I was using Windows XP Pro Corporate. I could not fix it and was having some other issues so I thought it might be a corrupted windows install, so I completely repartitioned and reformatted the disk and reloaded a new copy of XP Pro single user version...

I am using the cheapest of keyboards and a mouse connected to the PS2 input using a USB to PS2 converter thing. I did load the mouse drivers on install, and they were loaded before on my old install.

This happened suddenly. The only thing I can think of is that the computer might have been damaged as it was jostled around a bit and I had to disconnect some cables while moving it.

Anyway, is there any known reason that anyone has encountered that this might happen? I doubt it is a virus, since I completely repartitioned the drive and reinstalled windows. The problem existed even before I had connected the machine to the net after install.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Okay. Quick update.

After posting this, I got impatient and shut down my machine completely, pulled all the cables off the back and put them all back on.

This mysteriously fixed the problem. I still don't have my headphones/speakers hooked up so they may have been part of the problem. Or I might previously have had the mouse and keyboard in the wrong spot...

If anyone else experiences this problem. I would suggest doing something similar. Shut down windows, turn off the power supply, remove at least the keyboard, mouse and audio connections. Make sure the sockets are not filled with dust or anything and reinert the connectors, making sure to put them in the correct slots (it's color coded on most new systems).

Good luck! I'm off to finally get some work done now that my mouse works!

hi there,i have i think the same problem,my keyboard and mouse dont work,i can use a wireless mouse only(i use laptop),but still the keyboard dont work,i use window xp pro,

the problem is that i lost the cd,i dont have windows recovery cd,any other solution?

tell me your mail id i will send the image of cd.

Hey Nikki, is it a USB or PS/2 KB and mouse?

<snip> maibe u know,i have a windows recovery cd xp home edition for fujitsu siemens,but it was for my other computer were its not anymore,i have this laptop,fujitsu siemens amilo pro,the other one was alo amilo pro just a older version,i try to put in but no same serial nb...there is another way maibe>? tx

I would like to suggest you just try unplugging them both start at Windows startup. Then put both feet in when everything is loaded and restart the computer. By doing this, you are looking for signs that reset the Windows USB drivers for the mouse. You can also try a system restore.

i restore my windows to a previous day.......so its all ok....it is a program on my computer caled EnEKB it has no description so i deleted,that program make my laptop keyboard and mouse stop working.......