I installed Mandrake 9.2 on a Laptop. It didn't detect the sound but I used sndconfig and configured it. I guess the problem is I don't get sound as user. What can I do?

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Make sure your not muting it to begin with.

When you ran sndconfig, you heard Linus Torvalds welcome you to Linux? (or whatever message that is that plays?) Does root hear sound but other users don't?? I'm a bit confused what exactly the problem is.

I think what he is saying is (strickly assuming) that my soundcard is not working. If thats the case'

  • Go to your Mandrake Control Centre:
  • Hardware
  • HardDrake lists and help you to set up your hardware.
  • Click on your soundcard
  • Click on: Run config tool
  • Then choose the driver: i810_audio ect....

When I installed Mandrake it din't detect my soundcard. I used sndconfig and yes I heard the sound samp;e. I went into KDE System Notification because you can test the sound. I tried to test it but no sound was heard. I checked aumix and nothing seems to be muted, Mandrake supports the integrated sound, it's a Crystal audio cs423x. Thanks

IBM Thinkpad 560X, PII233mhz,64MMB Ram. 4.0GB hard drive. Mandrake detected everything but sound.

Does mandrake have a sound server that needs to be started? Also, check your aumix settings to insure they are not getting reset (Main, PCM...) to zero when you log out.

Aumix doesn't get reset to 0, I have checked it. If it has one, how do I initialize the sound server? Thanks

(suggestion)Give everyone read and write presmission on


Make sure the permissions and ownership are all setup right erego:

Uranus:~ $ ll /dev/dsp*
lrwxrwxrwx	1 root	 root			 4:20 /dev/dsp ->
crw-rw----	1 root	 audio	 4:20 /dev/dsp0
crw-rw----	1 root	 audio	 4:20 /dev/dsp1
crw-rw----	1 root	 audio	 4:20 /dev/dsp2
crw-rw----	1 root	 audio	 4:20 /dev/dsp3

lsmod - lists the kernel modules (specifcally the sound modules)
modprobe - will add kernel modules
rmmod will remove kernel modules
modinfo will tell you what the purpose of a module is

treat playing with kernel modules with kid gloves. Dont play around. Remove what you have to and dont go overboard.

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