Okay, I have installed Damn Small Linux (I believe v4.something), with syslinux. I am trying to boot it on a Dell Mini laptop. I'm not sure if it runs on any other computer. This is the issue I am having. It always boots to the DSL screen, and waits for me to input the boot parameters. If I just type dsl , it comes up withe the "Welcome to DSL" screen, and shows Scanning for for USB devices... It freezes there. Now, here's where I'm at. If I don't get that message, but what I should get, which is Scanning for USB devices... Done. , it comes up with this message:

Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry.
Dropping you to a (very limited) shell
Press reset button to quit

This is what I am using so far: dsl waitusb root=sdax I have tried 0-9 for the sda, and just the plain sda.
Any ideas? I keep searching google, I get links, but they're not very informative. I really need to boot into linux to copy over my files.

Hi Hondros,
I suspect that the hard disk in the system is getting detected as sda, can you try with sdb1 ? And while you are at it, try sdc1 and sdd1 too.
It might be a good idea to verify that dsl was properly installed on the pendrive by trying to boot it on a different system.