can anyone tell me what do I have to do to protect my server? In windows, we install anti virus and firewall immediately after operating system is installed. What about linux server?

Do we use firewall? And how do i close all the ports? and leave some open for programs? Can anyone please explain a little bit about these things? thanks

I think Linux better than windows.
I don't use windows.
You don't have to close all the ports.
I feel Linux is very security.

If you very care the security of your server, you could install some anti-virus software.
The linux core inludes firewall itself.So you don't need to install another firewall, and all you need to do is just configure your firewall.

You don't have to close all the ports.

are you an idiot?
of course you have to close the ports, in case you havent noticed the servers of banks etc.. run linux and unix and they are prime targets for hacks

secondly, why fedora? fedora isnt good for servers, it has short release cycle and is very buggy and bloated. Its essentially the beta version of Red Hat which is a server-grade OS.

fedora includes SeLinux and a firewall which should be on by default. Do you have a GUI or not? then i can tell you how to configure it.

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