Folks new to this community, I have read answers to the few and immidiately joined it. So here is my dilemma

I'm trying to use verizon DSL PPPOE with modem 6100g and I just want to do remote desktop from home to office. I don't have any router or anything neither I want a router.

I am aware that I have a dynamic ip address I can solve that issue by using dyndns.

Please let me know how can I set it up, if possible step by step would be great:)

I really appriciate your help.

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Thanks for the quick reply:) sorry about not putting what version of windows I am using. I am using windows XP..
So I don't need to worry about any port opening or forwarding in order to access remote desktop using verizon dsl? Any help would be appriciated. I checked everything listed except I just need to make sure that the option is checked on the host computer to connect remotely. I will do that tomorrow where I am trying to get this setup.

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