anybody usin this new distro? good,bad,or ugly :rolleyes:

Well what are you going to be using it for?
I dont think it has the apt -get feature and I heard about some problems with the booting. Thats why I ask what is the need of it? What are you using now and are you wanting to take that learning curve?

im takin a unix class and i wanted something to play with without doing an install. information systems security student.

i have never use or looked into phalk but if you jst want a cdrom distro that you dont have to install but jst run from the cd i would recommend knoppix its a great distro. or look into knoppixSTD if you want that hacker took kit type stuff that phalk has :) hope this helps

edit: this is the web site to knoppix std you should take a look at it

Is this a required class for your school?
If your taking the class because need or want the knowledge, I would suggest slackware on your system.

PM for the tutorial on slakware written entirley by gore.

yeah the class is required. I will look into slackware and knoppix. thanks for the imput Big B and Big K. :cheesy: