I have toshiba laptop which comes with XP Home. I would like to Install Fedora as a dual boot along with XP Home. I downloaded the software and converted the ISO file to a DVD. When I booted the DVD it started the preparation for Installation. When It came to partitioning, I was unable to proceed as both Automatic as well as Manual partitioning failed. Iam new to Linux Installation.

Can anyone help me on this.

Thanks in advance.



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You need space on your disk to install linux. If your winXP partitions takes all disk you need to resize it to free some space (you can use partition magic to do this) or you can remove winXP partitions. Next with windows Cd you can create a parition in some space and install winXP and leave the rest free. with linux manual partitioning you can create the partition for linux and install it.

Unless you've modified your partition scheme for your hard drive, you will need to do so, in order to keep both OS versions on your system. You need something like Partition magic to do so . Once you do this, you should have no problem installing onto your laptop.

hi i am having trouble installing mandrake 10.1 so because it comes up with version file missing so could you tell me why that is please thankyou

hi can someone just give the step by step how to install mandrake 10.1 linux please even the bit to do with partitioning please and tell me why i have verison file missin whens its on dvd and can some one tell me why when i partion it says locating all packages and it coems up with hdlist not found please give a me a complete guide step by step how to install linux please.

Fedora core 1 and i think later versions, come with FIPS for partition resizing.

Fedora core 1 and i think later versions, come with FIPS for partition resizing.

Disk druid, I think....

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