Im just doin some testing with a local webserver. i have one user: hybrid who can login to the webpage fine and has for a while. But when i added a few users: usa, can with simple passwords using:

ubuntu # htpasswd passwd can

thats works fine. But I cannot login with these users to the web page, it just asks again for a username password.

Hi ryan461,

From the command you've posted it seems you're calling htpasswd incorrectly. Run the command "htpasswd -h" to determine how to use htpasswd correctly.

If you are confident that you are using htpasswd correctly then please post your .htpasswd and .htaccess files so we can check them.



Well i did it the same way on another vm, which worked fine. not sure what the issue was.

i first did htpasswd -c file user
htpasswd file user
for additional users

Yes that correct. I was put off by "htpasswd passwd can" instead of "htpasswd file user".

Can you please post your .htaccess file so we can see how you are applying the restriction.