Hi Everybody
I want to uninstall Fedora8 from my PC as it has Windows7 and its creating some problem, so let me know how to uninstall Fedora 8 from my PC as it is quite different from XP.
Thank you

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Hi wapcrimers,

There isn't reall an "uninstall" for Linux. How was it installed on this machine? Is it on a separate disk or partition?

It also might help to know what kind of problem you are experiencing. Based on the information you've provided so far, all we can really do is guess at what needs to be done.


Thanks for ur reply. Well, firstly i had created a 15 Gb partition and then install FEDORA 8 from a bootable DVD Setup by configuring BIOS settings. but now, i want to uninstall it from my PC. but haven't found any solution as it is quite different from XP.
Help me out Mr G.
Thanks :-)

I see! Okay, so one of the common issues with this is that when Linux is installed, it puts a boot loader into the MBR of the primary hard drive. You can fix this by running the Windows recovery console from the installation DVD. Here's a link that may help:


After that, you just have to decide what to do with that 15GB partition. You can probably use partition magic or something to re-claim it for your Windows installation (I don't think there's anything natively built into Windows for this), or re-format it and give it a drive letter.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Gromit.
I have tried it, but actually it doesn't works. Can u please tell me the complete process from starting in simple steps, as i'm fed up with many tricks to avoid damage.
I'll wait for ur reply.
Aditya :)

To completeley remove fedora and get the space back for your existing windows install you need to do the following:

*Backup any important data on your windows install first.*

Go to the gparted website and download the live cd. Boot into that and run the gparted application.

Delete the linux partition then select the windows partition and increase it to fill the free space.

Write the changes to your disk

Follow the instructions on the link Gromit gave you then boot back into Windows 7.

It will detect that your disk is damaged (which its not, its just confused because its got a larger partition than it expected) and repair it. Let it run and reboot as many times as it needs to, eventually it will boot back into linux.

If you don't want to do the above:

Backup all your important data from windows then just reinstall windows, repartitioning the disk so all of it is used by the Windows install.

Thanks Moncky ! I'm going to download gparted iso file....

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