about a week ago, i installed fedora core3 on my machine, and all went well.
after approx five days, the hard disc expired, probably due to being constantly overwritten by dariks nuke disk, as i experimented with various linux distro's trying to get on the net without the use of windows. the first attempt was as easy as installing my old copy of 98se, and everything went great, leading to a very attractive desktop with the latest downloaded updates, and kde 3.3.
after installing the new disk, core3 now will not install, giving the message
"install exited abnormally", followed by unmounting and kill signals, then reboot.
could someone supply what could be the simple remedy to a newbie please.
also, is there a good general linux book i should purchase, or is it best to stay distro specific?.

Try Point and Click Linux by Robin Miller

It came out just recently and has about 5 hours of instruction via a DVD. It also comes with what I consider the best distribution of Linux available, MEPIS Linux. I've been an avid Linux user for 10 years and have used over 50 distros myself...and I feel MEPIS has the 'it' factor for Linux.

As far as your Fedora problem...If you can do a low level format on your hard disk using software from the manufacturer, I'd try that. If the errors persist...it's time to get a new hard disk.

I got the same "exited abnormally" emssage with fedora 1. Apparently it means your CD is bad or your drive makes errors.

agreed!--my fedora 3 did this and i changed disc and it now works 100%
mainly it could be files missing from cd

Thanks Proliant Fan I was having the same problem as you,and will try the to burn the CDs again and see what happens it not then I'll check the drive.

be sure to tell us how you go :)

good luck