I already set up apache. How do I set it to a domain name? Do I have to buy the name?


Yes, you must first buy a domain name
And then you setup a domain name server and zone file for that domain
Next you setup apache and add a virtualHost directive to apache conf file

if you have cpanel on the server all that will be done by just creating a new account after you purchase the domain

But why I must buy the domain? :!:

That is because a domain name cost $$ :sad:

But how can to the domain name provider provide domains??

:!: :!:



They pay fees to another provider ... :-|

There is a body known as internic which has been assigned the responsability of assigning domain names, every provider that sells domain names must purchase them from internic and pay the associated charges.

Here is a list of people that are allowed to sell domains and are Internic Authorized registrars:

I'm a beginner! Apologize me , if my questions are stupid. But how can internic make the domain names work?

:?: I'm working with Apache 1.3.23 and I want to set the ServerName at a Virtual Host with this:www.alexlolololo.com

Why it doesn't work? :?: :rolleyes:

Please hepl me!

I'm a beginer so, I don't know very much ..... so please help me!

Thank you ,


Cause u have not purchased that domain u cannot just make a name and call it domain and put a .com after it you have to register so go register it first.