Has anyone seen the IBM commercial titiled, "The Future is Open"? When the commercial first started, I was thinking that it was cool. As I realized what the commercial was about, I felt a little offended :!:.

I emplore all of you go and watch the commercial.

Link: http://www-306.ibm.com/e-business/doc/content/ondemand/tvspot.html

Scroll down and find "The Future is Open" commercial and view it in your favorite media player.

Why would you feel offended? Is it because it is about linux?

Well, honestly... yeah. Linux is nice, I'm even posting from it right now, but its not our savior. I don't know.. I'm just really offended.

Maybe beacuse I use things that compare to Linux, and sometimes exceed Linux's abilities.

perhaps u feel offended because u see how linux is growing and u
wish linux to grow or move in another direction

Well, for heaven's sake TekMaven, don't be coy, what do you mean?

Of course, I think Linux IS our savior, but for reasons other than technical ones. It's forcing Microsoft to be competative rather than anticompetative. AS I am learning RedHat, I also consider Linux to be my personal savior... along with Jesus Christ.

With SCO lobbying congress about the Linux Threat to American business, the IBM commercial is the perfect antiFUD. It made me feel good all over.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the tag line wasn't "The Future is Linux". It was "The Future is Open". Do you really disagree with that?

It's safe to say he knows not since there is no reply.

Linux is not our Saviour, its another N/OS that does somthings better than others, but remeber there is also UNIX FREEBSD and MacOS which are all NOT windows.

Linux has its up sides and its down sides, and if anyone of you tell me that linux is just better than windows your just a zelot

Linux is just better than Windows, for me. ;)