Apache 403 Forbidden Error and this one ugly..

My server is Unmanaged - So I tried hared to fix this but I can't.. Please help me..

If I create any directory http://www.myurl.com/anything =I got Forbidden error.
If I Put any .php file http://www.myurl.com/anything.php =I got Forbidden ERROR.
If I Put any .cgi file http://www.myurl.com/anything.cgi =I got Forbidden ERROR.

Only .html and htm files works.. ever phpinfo.php files shows Forbidden ERROR. :(

Please help me out.. I'll be very grateful..

Thank you.

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You can try this command:

#chmod 777 /var/www/html/

Because this is permission related error.

Before going to give 777 permission to ur documentroot, make sure what access you give the owner, group, and others. 777, probably is a bad idea. That will cause hacking simple.

i think we have similar problem

try to check the permissions in your document root:

#namei -m /document/root/path

if its not in the 755 permissions try to replace it until the root..

#chmod -R 755 /document/root/path ->recursively changes permission
mine was:
#chmod -R 755 /var/www/html

and then

#ls -ld /var/www/html/
#ls -ld /var/www
#ls -ls /var

to check that it has the 755 permission already..

i hope it'll work for you.


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