hi everyone , I'm new to linux and I've just downloaded ubuntu , i tried to setup a network connection but i couldn't in windows it's much easier .I want to set a network connection on windows i use broadband connection that requires a user name and password using dsl

so can you please help me??

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Hi Alaasam

Welcome to Linux. It's no more difficult to setup networking in Linux than in Windows, its just different. All the underlying concepts of networks remain the same howerver.

Ubuntu is a good distro to start out with, they have fantastic documentation aimed to help a beginner get things up and running.

I would suggest having a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/internet/C/ to start with.

If you run into difficulties or dont understand some of the concepts let us know.

Be sure to post any errors or configurations that you are using at the time. The more information we have about the system the easier it is to help.

Have fun

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I presume you're using a wireless card for the connection? If so, make sure that Ubuntu has the driver support for you wireless card. I remember being stuck for days with this problem...

You should check this with your wireless card manufacturer website

thanks a lot i will try what you mentioned , Thanks again

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