Hello all,
My friend recently rented a server, through a site, and he wanted me to help him run it, as he has very little computer knowledge. I used SSH Secure Shell (TM) (running Windows 7), to access it, and accidentally closed the window without disconnecting. Since then I have been unable to access the server from this machine. I'm getting access denied, even though I am sure the username and password are correct.

My friend is still able to access the server from his machine with the same account information. We were not attempting to be on the same account in two locations, because that was the first thing I thought of and asked, "Are you still signed on?" His answer was no.

Could this be a result of the failure to disconnect? Am I, or my friend, going to have to contact the owner of the server to fix the problem? If so, what should we tell him that the problem is?

If this is the wrong place to ask please inform me, as I'm new to servers, and linux, and don't know who to ask.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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It does not make sense for the server to block you unless the account is restricted to only one connection per user. I am not sure what ssh client you are using to access the server but may I suggest you try PUTTY.


I work for a hosting company and have been supporting Linux for 20 years and it is the best free client. You will be able to connect and if nothing else see why you are not connected.

Thanks for the rapid reply.

After the client I've been using didn't work I did try putty, and the only error it gave me was "access denied". I'm not sure what you mean by one connection per user.

My friend is really the one who rented the server, so he got all his info, and accidentally shut down the server app (minecraft server) after logging in, and because he'd never even used a command prompt before asked me to get it running for him, I used a SSH client licensed through the University I attend, and I closed it accidentally without disconnecting and without actually accomplishing anything. When I tried to re-loging it didn't work, so I tried doing so with PUTTY, which also didn't work. I asked my friend to try re-loging, which worked, all on the same user info.

Hope this extra info helps, I'm really at a loss. This is my first experience with servers.

Any advice is appreciated.

Could you please paste the complete error showing here when you try to connect to the server.
This may be happen if your local ip has been blocked by the server's firewall. Please contact the support team of the server and tell them to whitelist your ip.

After contacting the support it's working now thanks for the help

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