Hi everyone!

Whenever I develop something on an online web server my htaccess files and php.ini files work as expected. If I place a php.ini into a directory and then call phpinfo(), I can see that it is parsed.

However, when I use a locally installed web server working directory php.ini files are never parsed, and for some reason my htaccess file only affects the directory it is in, not its subdirectories.

I have made sure that AllowOverride is set to All, and indeed if I auto_prepend a file using htaccess it is prepended to all files in the root directory. If I go to a subdirectory however, it is not.

Also, not matter what I try, php.ini is not parsed from current working directories. I suspect this might have something to do with cgi, btu I have no experience in the area.

I am pretty sure this is a setup issue as I don't have this problem on any online servers I've encountered, but I have the same problem with MAMP and XAMPP for max and XAMPP on Windows as well.

Ultimately my goal is to be able to auto_prepend a file in the root directory and have that auto prepend rule work in all subdirectories as well. On the web server I could do this in the master php.ini, but I develop on my local MAMP installation and I need separate php.ini (or htaccess) files for the different projects.

I greatly appreciate your help,

PHPINIDir /var/www/web1

We can use like above syntax for separate php.ini file


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