Hi guys, can anyone help us connect to a Samsung SCX - 4623FN scanner over a network. we use the printer over the network but we can't see to configure the scanner to scan over a network. Should the scanner be attached to a PC for it to function?

Thats where the manual comes into play. If the scanner has its own Ethernet or wireless connection then it can connect to the network and show itself once your network is running DHCP.

Unless the scanner has a linux client, you will have to use it only on the system that it is directly plugged into. Or it might be easier to setup scan to email if it supports that feature.

I got it working. I had the same issue when switching from USB connected to network connected printer. It took a few hours but eventually I found out that in USB connected mode you scan using buttons on the printer. However in network connected mode you scan using scanning software on the computer and dont need to touch any buttons on the printer. You'll need the Samsung Universal Scan Driver installed which you can get from the Samsung website.

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